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United States
Hey i am Eric and it is nice to meet everyone on here =)
I am a big gamer and creative genuis, always coming up with ideas. I love all things sci fi such as my favorite races ever are Xenomorphs, Yautja, and Quarians but i despise the idea of Quarian and Turian couples and that including Any Quarians or Turians together.

I am not the biggest supporter of Humanity to put it lightly but when u work at an amusement park and get the worst scum life has to offer and then conntinue to see the utmost filfth on Xbox live, it can make you see differently.Not saying i hate this race, im just saying i am not exactly going to be rooting for Humans against any alien races but then again i also love all alien races

I love to rp and i mainly go on this site:
i am good friends with Lorcan0c and he helped persuade me/ got me interested in making an account on here
i am a nice, kind, caring guy (despite how i may seem above) that likes to draw and loves artwork along with loving movies, traveling, other cultures, anything sci fi once again, video ames, and just coming up with ideas and being creative.

i go on Xbox live but don't often play it minus for ME 3 live sometimes and i only really play ME 3 for its multiplayer (yes i did beat the game)

Current Residence: Onboard the Reisa, around Yautja Prime
Operating System: Trying to get Asus or Acer
Wallpaper of choice: pictures with Tali
Favourite cartoon character: Asajj Ventress in both Clone Wars shows
Personal Quote: After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, i will return
Let me just say right now this is NOT a major serious super problem issue journal. This is about a video game company and thus make no mistake i am not acting like this is a major serious problem that affects me. In my mind its about as serious as complaining at gaming reviewer site corruption but w/e point is this is NOT a major serious giant issue journal so feel free to ignore it if you don't care about Bioware…

I gave a long response in detail explaining how i feel about this but to illiterate for people who don't understand i am going to give you an explain of this,
Let us look at ME 2 and lets say you could NOT romance Garrus nor Tali. You know the fan favorites so it would basically be like Bioware slapping you in the face giving you a giant Fuck You. Now would the game still have been amazing? YES. Those two romances weren't like the soul of the game maybe not even the backbone when romancing them. I am not an idiot i do realize this game would still have done amazing even without romancing those two. However. Would it have done anywhere near as good as it did if you couldn't have romanced them? NO. There was a disturbing amount of fans for both of them with most if not all female gamers wanting to romance Garrus and most if not all male gamers wanting to romance Tali so understandably if they took romancing those two out, people would have been really ticked off

and now they are doing that for Dragon Age removing the biggest fan favorite character as a romance option and instead letting us romance a one dimensional elf whos about as interesting as toast but without anything good that toast can have
*sighs and rubs fingers over eyelids, rubs forehead*

You know... i am not saying Inquisition will be bad. No i still think its going to be an amazing fantastic wonderful game but its crap like this that makes no sense to me
Are they in bed with some gaming review site that really hates Varrick? Why would you go against your BIGGEST Fan basis! Not a few fans no, the BIGGEST fanbasis Dragon Age has why would you go against them and slap them in the face just aughhhhhhhh it makes no concievable sense!
No one was shouting for a Solas romance, some people joked about romancing Blackwall but no one was asking for a Solas romance. No one. Maybe there was some Elf obsessed nut jobs that were shouting for it but 9/10 of Bioware's fans were asking for Varrick and now you Bioware have just slapped us all in the face and lowered the chances your game has.
Basically even if your game succeeds very well Bioware which i am sure it will, it will NOT be as successful as it would have been if you allowed players to romance Varrick

Which makes no sense why a company would delibertly sabotage itself before the game is even out EUGGHHHHHHHHH
Did they learn nothing from ME 3? I'm sorry i'm not trying to make this into a major deal when its not, i am more dissapointed than anything else but it makes no sense why they did this

For those that don't know, we have had a spam of Elf romances for Every. Single. Dragon Age game and it is getting really old really fast since they ran out of ideas once DA 2 ended and now they are just recycling ideas or 'better yet' stealing other peoples ideas
Eugghhhhhhh none of this makes any sense i want to go around waving Bioware's flag giving them a second chance but when they do shit like this i can only groan and facepalm
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Turn Down for What
  • Reading: Dragon Age Inquisition Solas confirmed romance
  • Watching: Turn Down for What
  • Playing: The Last of Us
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: water

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No problem man =)
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thanks for the favs btw :D
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Hey anytime man no problem =)
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Hey dude! Finished that xenomorph! Its up and ready to see!
RoleplayingRules Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
hello i read your bio and i agree with your views on humanity.i also read that you love to roleplay?what genres are you a fan of?besides sci fi of course
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
ahhhh in hind sight iI probably had this coming hahaha XD imI'm sure therthere's.... some good in Humanity somewhere. Its just very hard for me to find it. When Russia keeps electing the most deranged phycopaths to lead its country, people in America prefer to act like wild animals than actual Human being where its entirely now based on survival and inches away from full chaos as iI think quoted by Thomas Hobbes when society collapses and reduces to just a kill or be killed wild animal environment. In my mind were frankly already at that point whenever we loose power as that's what happened with everyone killing each other over generators and no one stopping the power company. Plus in Puerto Rico its even worse
bI'm sure there's uhhh some good in Humanity as a whole....right? I mean its not like Hollywood supported that fucking god damn treacherous evil bitch Jane Fonda who tried to shoot down innocent American soldiers who had no choice in the war but still tried to shoot them down with an VIietminh/ Vietcong AA gun and disturbingly is being supported now for this!!

*takes a deep breatignore all my top ranting as I focus on the positive he heh heh slowly calming down

so rping? First and foremost iI don't do IM rps. I only do them for sex and that's it. I'm saying that now since it seems almost every single person on here that rps only does so through IM and I don't fully count that as rping. Secondly I forum Rp on another site not this one. With all that being said I mostly Rp just in sci fi. However I can do a bit of giant robot Mech rping. Not much but a little. I can try to do zombie rps but iI'm never able to maintain an interest. I have a very rare selective interest in fantasy rrps but I guess its often more than the others apart from sci fi. I am really bad with modern style rps and can almost never do them

hope that answers all your questions =)
RoleplayingRules Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
wow....long reply.

so if i read you correctly,and correct me if im wrong,but you only do erotic rp's,but are open to Mech,zombie,and selective fantasy.however you do not rp via notes and instead rp on a forum on another site.correct?
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
I don't do any IM rping unless its an erotic thing. Otherwise I ENTIRELY do forum based rping.I mostly only do forum based rping and sorry for the long reply haha =) I talk a lot Lol. Yes I don't do note rping. I tried it once, hated it and never did it again as it felt more like a chore. Like forced work that wasn't fun and just pissed me off a lot. I mean if the person was rediculosuly damn good at erotic rping and I mean really amazing at it and had a huge interest in it then maybe then and only then would I ever do note IM rping but I've almost never met anyone on here that can match those standards.

I mostly only do sci fi rping, then some fantasy. I can mech/ zombie/ but its not a huge gguarantee. More of just a possibility.

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