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Comission-Spartan by NuclearDisaster

Wow so this is how you do a critique? Ok well where do i begin i think the detail is very impressive and amazing =) looks very badass =) ...

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I Have The Power! by RoluevasVasReisa
I Have The Power!
So i want to give some HUGE shout outs this week for what helped separate this week from being god awful to being bearable, SO
-Huge shout out to Mortal Rot for doing a free request of Nyala for me and finishing the pic while also giving her a huge upgrade haha.
-Huge shout out to Stroke1986 who really saved my ass doing a free pic of Aleera which he didn't have to do had no obligation at all to do it and yet he willingly agreed to work on the pic anyways and really saved my ass
-and huge shout out to Kabutoro for responding to me and updating me on the comission

but of course thats not why any of you are here and your here for this sexy baby,
well i am very VERY PLEASED to announce that i have finally gotten rid of that giant pile of junk (my jeep grand cherokee) that sucked up gas like a fat pig while constantly having issues every week and instead i have gotten a beautiful smooth gorgeous perfectly running Honda Crysiler and the best part is that its brand new as in 2015 issue baby WOOT WOOT!!

the Jeep i never bought, my parents bought it for me and at the time i loved it cause i was going through some nonsensical mindless manly manness thinking: YEAH! Big car equal bigger! Maybe its actually not a manly way of thinking but more of an Orky way of thinking haha XD
anyways i didnt pay at all for the jeep, parents got it for me and over the years i gradually started to hate that car with a passion


i have bought my own Crysiler with my own money. Yes that means me myself and i, I paid for this no help from my parents at all. All me. The jeep fully paid off this car for 3,000, we got a 3 year lease with this car with downpayments of 100 dollars per month and at the end its going to be possibly 15,000 dollars if i want to buy the car in full or i can trade it in for another car but i may try to get the car in full at the end of the three years if i can

so this is definitly my crowning achievement of the week and the thing that made me the happiest ^^
i wont lie im really not a car person but i absolutely love my baby here and its better than the jeep in every single way like 5x better in every single way
Don't mind me, i'm just getting comfortable by RoluevasVasReisa
Don't mind me, i'm just getting comfortable
Vlad, master of being lazy relaxing and insanely adorably cute.
I almost wonder if his laziness was inspired by Griff
Comission-Spartan by NuclearDisaster
Wow so this is how you do a critique? Ok well where do i begin
i think the detail is very impressive and amazing =) looks very badass =)
but if i were to give critique? Hmmmmmmm ok well

idk i guess the helmet thing the hair piece on the helmet you know? That looks a bit off where the head is turned right but the hair piece looks like its on the side as if its not sort of aligned woth the helmet you know? idk i still think it looks great but the helmet and its hair piece don't look entirely aligned

The leg armor doesn't seem like Ancient Greek but instead more like Medieval British
i know maybe that seems like Madness (Madness? This is Spartaaaa!) but armor has been typically designed and inspired by various time periods and the leg armor you did is more knight like i suppose or perhaps Ancient Roman Gladiators but not Spartans. Spartans had single straight shin guards that went from their feet all the way up their knees like huge boards of armor

the helmet is off also
Spartans never had the knight guard in the front of their helmet. It was something that obviously inspired by knights but didnt exist before them.
While 300 yes gets sooooooooooo many things wrong not even remotely accurate, the helmet design was absolutely correct
Greeks were obsessed with that design. Well Greeks and vikings were obsessed with that design. The difference is with greeks they had the armored slit come down over the nose protecting the nose and often put that horse mane thing on the back of the helmet while the Vikings would shove horns on their helmets (Nords from Skyrim were obviously inspired by vikings)

uhhhhhh i believe Spartans always wore capes like in 300 but i could be wrong on that, that one im a bit more uncertain on

They DID wear a full set of armor so the 300 inspiration is incorrect. If you were going for 300 themed then i cant say anything but 300 was completely wrong in their armor design. Spartans actually were fully armored with huge bronze chest pieces. They didnt run around almost naked as that made no sense. Not to say ancient Greek and Roman fighters never ran around naked no, the Gladiators wore almost nothing almost no clothing or armor but Spartans on the other hand were completely decked out with chest armor
(when they are going to battle or war)

so its a really great drawing but heavily historically off. If it is meant to be based on 300 then i cant talk but if its meant to be based on the real historical Spartans then its significantly off


United States
Hey i am Eric and it is nice to meet everyone on here =)
I am a big gamer and creative genuis, always coming up with ideas. I love all things sci fi such as my favorite races ever are Xenomorphs, Yautja, and Quarians but i despise the idea of Quarian and Turian couples and that including Any Quarians or Turians together.

I am not the biggest supporter of Humanity to put it lightly but when u work at an amusement park and get the worst scum life has to offer and then conntinue to see the utmost filfth on Xbox live, it can make you see differently.Not saying i hate this race, im just saying i am not exactly going to be rooting for Humans against any alien races but then again i also love all alien races

I love to rp and i mainly go on this site:
i am good friends with Lorcan0c and he helped persuade me/ got me interested in making an account on here
i am a nice, kind, caring guy (despite how i may seem above) that likes to draw and loves artwork along with loving movies, traveling, other cultures, anything sci fi once again, video ames, and just coming up with ideas and being creative.

i go on Xbox live but don't often play it minus for ME 3 live sometimes and i only really play ME 3 for its multiplayer (yes i did beat the game)

Current Residence: Onboard the Reisa, around Yautja Prime
Operating System: Trying to get Asus or Acer
Wallpaper of choice: pictures with Tali
Favourite cartoon character: Asajj Ventress in both Clone Wars shows
Personal Quote: After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, i will return
Any Warhammer fans on here? In particular any Necron fans?
I am looking to trade 4 Triarch Praetorians, 3 Tomb Blades, and 1 Canopytek Spyder
i have realized i only need 1 spyder at max, i'll never use the tomb blades and ill never use the Triarch Praetorians

i am looking to get 20 more Necron warriors and 10 more Necron immortals

Thats a 40 dollar spider, 50 for the tomb blades, and maybe 30 for the Praetorians
all of this is constructed and i know one less Praetorian so that would be maybe 120 at max

versues 80 dollars for Immortals and around 80 for the warriors (although u can get 20 warriors a lot cheaper and for 60 dollars on other sites)

so if anyone is interested please hit me up.


So if u do want to trade but are in another country thats fine with me, i would just love to trade off a bunch of models ill never use in return for models i could really badly need and use
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Watching: Futurama
  • Playing: working on Warhammer models
  • Eating: junk food (really need to loose more weight)
  • Drinking: water (cant drink soda thanks to kidney stones)

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WingVinnieCustom Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Hi.  How are you?
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
Hey man im doing alright how are u? Just working on Warhammer stuff
WingVinnieCustom Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015
I'm fine.  Just watching some videos I guess.  But been bored.
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2015
ah im sorry umm idk i cant tell uw hat to do to entertain yourself i would recommend just finding out what u like and exploring your interests
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mappeli Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
Holy shit Mapelli coming along Amazing!!! the detail is mind blowing =O like my god this is insane and impressive ^^ i love all of it but could you please make her a bit more pale? i am going to want this almost bordering on gothic vampire pale. you dont have to go that extreme but it should be getting closer to that but thats the only critique i have while i love the rest =)
mappeli Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
it is done
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2015
Thank you SO Much! ^^ i left another comment and i already paid you so you shold have gotten the money, i paid u a while ago to the email you provided
I don't know if ill be able to hire you for Elaina, the Seran, as the prices are getting a bit tight but i definitly want to still have you draw Kylie and her undead version if thats ok with you =)
Bantvetta-Feuerengel Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey, it's been a while since you've been around. How's it going?
RoluevasVasReisa Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
im always on here lol, we probably just dont talk much but ehhhhh im ok. me and the family decorate for Christmas a couple of days ago so that was awesome haha. Lately just been dealing with work bullshit and i have until Wednesday until im free from school. What about u? =)
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