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Comission-Spartan by NuclearDisaster

Wow so this is how you do a critique? Ok well where do i begin i think the detail is very impressive and amazing =) looks very badass =) ...

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Mega canyon warfare by RoluevasVasReisa
Mega canyon warfare
This was a HUGE event and ill state the elephant in the room right now about the PS4. So for this game it was only me and my good awesome Warhammer IRL friend but he brought a PS4 cause hes a major Mortal Kombat fan and he invited his sister and her bf to game on Mortal Kombat so we could all hang out and have a good time while me and him played the game, he would occasionally play rounds while i looked up the rules and firing stats and stuff and did movements

We play in a huge conference room that has a dimmer light switch so we used that to make it nightfall in addition to the canyon warfare and you may not be able to tell but we also have a custom game called shrines. Shrines is basically like an RTS, you have a unit next to a shrine u roll a die on a 2 u get back ONE unit of that squad. Kind of like what the scarab hive does (for advanced settings HQs and monsterous creatures are a 4 up)
mine is the ghost sword stabbed into the snow with a wraith helmet on it and a wraith kneeling down bowing to the shrine to honor the fallen.

My friends kind of blew my mind and granted it was more like a Chaos demon thing but it was still insane. His was a giant blood pool that used bionicle parts as towers all around the blood pool and around the rim of the blood pool he had it light up with LED lights so it looked like this glowing blood pool that he would have his units rise out of the blood and run out.
(i think one of the reasons my Necrons keep wanting to fight his guys is they highly suspect his Necrons worship Khorne haha ><)

the game was interesting like my army is very slow and his moves very fast so he blockaded me on that first bridge. I had to go all Sparta slowly killing all of his forces while it was extremely difficult for his guys to kill mine since he would need only like fives or sixes (on a six sided die) to even try to harm my guys so i was slowly pushing my way through again like the Spartans fighting the Persians. Sadly we never finished the game as we gave up on bridge warfare. Twice our armies fell off the bridges as he moved the tables and knocked off the bridges. The first time my entire Wraith army fell off a bridge. However luckily zapp gap glue/ any glue of the same material is insanely strong and held my units together plus all the massive terrain i had on my units must have cushioned the fall
sadly on the other hand he was not as lucky
he used crazy glue on his models (for reasons i do not know) so when his lychguard squad fell, the entire unit was destroyed into many pieces. He rage quit and didnt want to play anymore, i felt really bad so i rebuilt the entire squad for him from scratch however he was still fairly devestated at what happened and still didnt want to play

overall a great game, life lesson dont use crazy glue for models it makes no sense and dont use bridges unless its like held together by metal clamps or something not books ><
Gather the troops, we march by RoluevasVasReisa
Gather the troops, we march
Here we have the first look at my entire Wraith army assembled. I would like to change the Wraithseer eventually to a female chest, maybe then everyone will stop calling her mickey mouse which is really getting on her nerves a lot.
but anyways this is my entire Wraith army, im not sure if u can see the Wraithseer in here but if u cant i also got the gold Wraithseer
1,500 point army and yes thats a lot of Eldar mech suits 0_0
SFS Tau Shas'ui top view by RoluevasVasReisa
SFS Tau Shas'ui top view
and a top view to get a better look at his back cannons and a bit closer look at his body and what not
SFS Tau Shas'ui side view by RoluevasVasReisa
SFS Tau Shas'ui side view
Side view to get a better look of the guns, you know you jelly of all those big Tau guns =P


United States
Hey i am Eric and it is nice to meet everyone on here =)
I am a big gamer and creative genuis, always coming up with ideas. I love all things sci fi such as my favorite races ever are Xenomorphs, Yautja, and Quarians but i despise the idea of Quarian and Turian couples and that including Any Quarians or Turians together.

I am not the biggest supporter of Humanity to put it lightly but when u work at an amusement park and get the worst scum life has to offer and then conntinue to see the utmost filfth on Xbox live, it can make you see differently.Not saying i hate this race, im just saying i am not exactly going to be rooting for Humans against any alien races but then again i also love all alien races

I love to rp and i mainly go on this site:
i am good friends with Lorcan0c and he helped persuade me/ got me interested in making an account on here
i am a nice, kind, caring guy (despite how i may seem above) that likes to draw and loves artwork along with loving movies, traveling, other cultures, anything sci fi once again, video ames, and just coming up with ideas and being creative.

i go on Xbox live but don't often play it minus for ME 3 live sometimes and i only really play ME 3 for its multiplayer (yes i did beat the game)

Current Residence: Onboard the Reisa, around Yautja Prime
Operating System: Trying to get Asus or Acer
Wallpaper of choice: pictures with Tali
Favourite cartoon character: Asajj Ventress in both Clone Wars shows
Personal Quote: After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, i will return
"What is this heresy, Eric is writing a positive journal?? Hersey i say!"

but in all seriousness i am writing a review of the movie since apparently critics love to attack this franchise to no end so i want to rush to this movie's defense and admit maybe this is a guilty pleasure of mine for really loving this movie or maybe its my feminine side i dont know but i loved this movie!

I admit i was not a fan of the original Annie, it was obnoxiously shoved on Every. Single. TV advertisement. Ever. I couldn't watch a single show without seeing 50 Annie advertisements and it was always that applejack cracker soup song they played and it drove me nuts as a child, i didn't even think she was that good of a singer so having to listen to her everyday was like an early version of bad pop music for me.
That doesn't mean i think the original Annie was bad, no i mean all credit to the little girl she had a lot of talent. I just personally wasn't a major fan.

The new Annie keeps very close to the original movie's beliefs with the cute little innocent girl being stuck in a horrible situation but trying to stay positive through all of it and it can be arguably said for it, life gave her a chance finding a new family and all she could ever want. The new movie takes this idea with our current society which in my mind was very funny how they pointed out how bad product placement has become in the media and how much they constantly make fun of musicals and our day and age. Someone could tell me all of it was lip syncing but every part of it was done beautifully in my mind. The coreography was wonderfully well done, i feel like when casting the singers for this movie they did actually try pretty hard (i can leave Cameron Diaz as debatable) and frankly i believe this movie is proof that just because a famous actor or actress has some legendary name, it does not automatically equal instant success. Most of the actors and actresses in this movie weren't hugely well known (with the exception of Cameron and Foxx) and yet i feel like they put all their effort into this film so for me it was a very nice change of pace to see a musical i actually really could enjoy in god knows how long

The movie is definitly a family movie yet even for me a person who has issues handling children, i found myself deeply moved by this movie with how sweet, innocent, cute and determined all the kids are in this film and never once did i find them annoying or irritating even when they 'supposedly' tried to be a bit annoying.
I admit Cameron Diaz's role is a huge hit and miss. If i had one complaint about this film, she is very annoying in the first half of the film as she's supposedly playing a Paris Hilton or a Miley Cyrus or something but in the second half of the movie she does sort of become at least a recognizable character so i couldn't get too mad at her

For some reason which just blows my mind, Agent Angel Bautista from Dexter is in this movie which i found just hilarious. I was half expecting Dexter himself to randomly appear in the movie but either way Bautista yet again did an outstanding job and deserves a lot more attention than hes getting

Anyways whether this is a guilty pleasure of mine or not, I LOVED this movie and would highly recommend it. Don't listen to the critics, while i wouldn't consider this one of the best movies of 2014 this was in my mind the best musical movie i had seen since Les Miserables in 2010

FINAL NOTE: the girls in this movie reenact the Dwarves song: "Thats what bilbo baggins hates" in the Hobbit. That alone in my mind deserves extra points
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  • Reading: Warhammer 40k Chaos codex
  • Watching: UnBREAKABLE/ Annie 2014
  • Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Eating: Quick Check food/ popcorn
  • Drinking: water (cant drink soda thanks to kidney stones)

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