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Comission-Spartan by NuclearDisaster

Wow so this is how you do a critique? Ok well where do i begin i think the detail is very impressive and amazing =) looks very badass =) ...

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Dhavnajen- Raamauz fully armored up by RoluevasVasReisa
Dhavnajen- Raamauz fully armored up
If i keep playing this game im going to try to fully upgrade everything, maybe use nord or imperial metal gauntlets and maybe some medium armor for her foot gear to be a bit sneaky haha.
ESO Argonian character Dhavnajen by RoluevasVasReisa
ESO Argonian character Dhavnajen
Technically her full name is Dhavnajen- Raamauz.
Dhavnajen is a very short Argonian woman, only a foot or two taller than a dwarf as she stands at around four feet tall. Shes an extremely flirtatious 'seductive wild' Argonian girl and a mercenary girl. Perhaps similar to my Goblin girl Kylie except previously Dhavnajen had no loyalties to anyone but whoever paid her the most or whoever she thought was handsome or beautiful enough (as she was equally favorable to both genders)
a very skilled archer as well as a close combat knight,

Dhavnajen is partially my first flirtatious lizard girl since i have yet to do that partially my first short lizard girl as i do like having shorter characters, extreme short and extreme tall haha
and partially a girl that can be flirtatious and 'wild' without really caring about love. As shocking as it may sound most of my female characters that are very wild and out there, just want to be in love eventually and arent trying to just screw around on constant one night stands, its not intentiona lexcept for Dhavnajen

im a pretty low level with her right now, id love to play ESO more but am often so busy but hoping to eventually play it more. Anyways she's my highest level so far but still a work in progress.
I've done an extremely serious Argonian girl that lost her wife, iv'e done a bisexual very super military besrerker hard hitting Argonian girl, but this is the first one i've done like this

oh and yes i never male male lizard characters, idk just something about them i cant get myself to make a male lizard character ever for some reason


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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
My name is Eric Del Grande aka Noob55 aka Rolue Vas Reisa and i am a professional designer and creator.

I write creative stories, unique ideas, expertly work on miniature models, i do graphic art, i have done some drawings in the past, and i have experience with 3D character creation.

I will also occasionally review movies and video games as a professional critic.

If you are interested in hiring my services, i am accepting hired work to paint and assemble miniature models HOWEVER i require the models to be sent to me in their boxes untouched, still new in the boxes since i prefer working expertly when the model is new unassembled and i can easier precisely detail the model.

I am interested in being hired for graphic art and 3D model work.

I also accept being hired for writing work whether it means writing up a character or story idea or other story setting. However all of my creations belong to me with additional credit to those i hire to draw them, all rights reserved, my characters cannot be used without my permission.

To contact me for any of the listed commission work that is available, my email is as follows:

To view my work more please check out my gallery or check out my own online portfolio.
So i am still waiting for Kabutoro's schedule to clear up and in the mean time i still really badly need artists that can handle fantasy settings. This includes: World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls, ect ect ect

I need a high detail artist with cheap prices (50 is my max for colored high detail elite quality background included pics but usually ill go somewhere from 35 to 50, usually around 35 to 40)
I need the artist to be willing to draw one or more of the following

a Nezumi assassin girl character in her new armor pic (which i have one current pic of)
a male Skaven and his entire outfit (i have no pics of so far)
a female Dwarf girl in her custom armor (i have a few pics of her face and body)
a elf girl in her berserker armor and the dragon she shapeshifts into (i have a few pics of the elf girls face and body)
a female large chested Tauren in her updated armor (i have one pic of her)
a male Qunari character in his hunter outfit and with his pet (i'll post a pic of him eventually what his face and body looks like)
a male demon character with tentacle hair long horns and scales and he has his own custom armor too (i have no pics of him so far)
a wild barbarian blood thirsty girl in her fur like barbarian outfit (i have one pic of her face and body)
a sort of Kitsune samurai red templar like character in his armor and with his swords and monster pet (i have no pics of him so far)

I need someone willing to draw one or more of these characters. IF you follow all the critera i mentioned above and if you are interested please let me know. I will pay 35 to 50 per pic, most likely 35 to 40 per pic if the artist matches the criteria. So if you are interested please let me know. Currently i can pay for one or two pics full price upfront.
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