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United States
Hey i am Eric and it is nice to meet everyone on here =)
I am a big gamer and creative genuis, always coming up with ideas. I love all things sci fi such as my favorite races ever are Xenomorphs, Yautja, and Quarians but i despise the idea of Quarian and Turian couples and that including Any Quarians or Turians together.

I am not the biggest supporter of Humanity to put it lightly but when u work at an amusement park and get the worst scum life has to offer and then conntinue to see the utmost filfth on Xbox live, it can make you see differently.Not saying i hate this race, im just saying i am not exactly going to be rooting for Humans against any alien races but then again i also love all alien races

I love to rp and i mainly go on this site:
i am good friends with Lorcan0c and he helped persuade me/ got me interested in making an account on here
i am a nice, kind, caring guy (despite how i may seem above) that likes to draw and loves artwork along with loving movies, traveling, other cultures, anything sci fi once again, video ames, and just coming up with ideas and being creative.

i go on Xbox live but don't often play it minus for ME 3 live sometimes and i only really play ME 3 for its multiplayer (yes i did beat the game)

Current Residence: Onboard the Reisa, around Yautja Prime
Operating System: Trying to get Asus or Acer
Wallpaper of choice: pictures with Tali
Favourite cartoon character: Asajj Ventress in both Clone Wars shows
Personal Quote: After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, i will return
Ok so i wanted to use this site to mention i am explaining all my Destiny products in one big bundle. I refuse to use Ebay because they are an insanely corrupt company demanding fees on every single thing so your basically giving them any money you make and i refuse to work with Gamestop because i want full price not some shitty ass 10 dollars

So what am i selling?

The PS4 Ghost Eddition of Destiny - 160 dollars
it should include all PS4 bonuses and the expansions - another 40 dollars
plus the Limited eddition strategy guide so u have an idea of what the f*** is going on (and all its posters included)- another 40 dollars
a midnight release huge Destiny poster - free of charge
and as for shipping - free of charge
and now i'm offering a special bonus! Are you a Destiny fanboy thinking this game is perfect and flawless and that anyone disagreeing with you are big meanie heads? Well i promise you, i shall now be including Newsweek's article entirely agreeing with all your points! Yes thats right, for FREE OF CHARGE, i shall be including Newsweeks entire article devoted entirely to doing nothing other than supporting Destiny acting like its flawless and perfect! So act now!

i am Not selling these items seperately, its all one price for one bundle and prices are non negotiable

so if anyone is interested in this Destiny bundle and has the money, please either comment or send me a note

Also all products are in NM (near mint) condition

UPDATE: I am now selling the bundle for only 160 Dollars! So if you are interested please contact me as i will pay for shipping and hopefully the significantly reduced price helps!
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Alien theme music
  • Reading: Dragon Age Inquisition information
  • Watching: Alien Isolation gameplay footage
  • Playing: Destiny
  • Eating: on a diet
  • Drinking: water

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hello i read your bio and i agree with your views on humanity.i also read that you love to roleplay?what genres are you a fan of?besides sci fi of course
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