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Hey i am Eric and it is nice to meet everyone on here =)
I am a big gamer and creative genuis, always coming up with ideas. I love all things sci fi such as my favorite races ever are Xenomorphs, Yautja, and Quarians but i despise the idea of Quarian and Turian couples and that including Any Quarians or Turians together.

I am not the biggest supporter of Humanity to put it lightly but when u work at an amusement park and get the worst scum life has to offer and then conntinue to see the utmost filfth on Xbox live, it can make you see differently.Not saying i hate this race, im just saying i am not exactly going to be rooting for Humans against any alien races but then again i also love all alien races

I love to rp and i mainly go on this site:
i am good friends with Lorcan0c and he helped persuade me/ got me interested in making an account on here
i am a nice, kind, caring guy (despite how i may seem above) that likes to draw and loves artwork along with loving movies, traveling, other cultures, anything sci fi once again, video ames, and just coming up with ideas and being creative.

i go on Xbox live but don't often play it minus for ME 3 live sometimes and i only really play ME 3 for its multiplayer (yes i did beat the game)

Current Residence: Onboard the Reisa, around Yautja Prime
Operating System: Trying to get Asus or Acer
Wallpaper of choice: pictures with Tali
Favourite cartoon character: Asajj Ventress in both Clone Wars shows
Personal Quote: After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, i will return
Before i begin this review i want to point out that i will be ignoring/ deleting any fanboy or troll comments for instance if you refuse to read anything i say and instead just decide to dick around with me cause your bored or if you say: fuck you Eric this game is PERFECT!!! A BILLION OUT OF 10 CAUSE I SOLD MY SOUL TO BUNGIE AND EVERYTHING THEY MAKE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!

I previously said in one of my last images how i will be deleting/ ignoring any troll and fanboy comments because i have no patience for them and i am not giving any more warnings. If you disagree with me then disagree i dont care but keep your fanboy and troll opinions to yourself. When i review this game, i am doing so fairly without any biasness since i am:
1. Not being bought over by Bungie
2. Not obsessed with any individual game company
3. Not so childish and one minded that i think a game or movie is terrible without even analyzing it

When i review this game i will be looking at EVERYTHING thats negative and positive about it but i am saying in advance this game is the living incarnation of a mixed bag where theres no clear solid answer if its worth it.
Also NO i am not going to go into details about how this game cost Activision 500 million dollars to make it
Troll: NO IT WASN'T! It didnt cost that much LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
No, fuck off troll.
Go look it up online, theres hundreds of sites showing confessions from Activision that they paid 500 million to make it so piss off
but again I am NOT looking at how much money went into making this game cause i dont care. When i look at a game or movie i dont look at how much money it took to make them. Some of the highest selling movies of all time were the lowest budget films in the world. Everyone starts somewhere like James Cameron, Steven Spileberg, George Lucas, Bioware, Peter JAckson ect and having of money does not = instant success. I have seen some of the highest budget games and movies fail horribly, others suceed tremendously. Money is not a factor in how a game does


Ok so first off lets begin with the story. What was the story? Well you have a giant glowing snowball called the Traveller that is all things good and has the power to save a city by floating above it but apparently can not save anyone else and its being hunted down by the Darkness.…
No, not that darkness (although admittedly that would have been a lot better). No this Darkness is the evil thing that is evily evil. I bought the 40 dollars limited eddition strategy guide just to try and have an idea of what the fuck is going on in this game. Theres very heavy hinting that the Hive and Vex are the darkness but in the beta they showed us footage of giant pyramid ships and said that THOSE are the Darkness as they were basically glassing planets and yet we don't see any of that in the actual game at all. So i like many people, have no idea what the Darkness is
and someone may shout out: but thats ok, its ok to not understand your enemy"
No, lets get something straight up clear right here and now
In Mass Effect 1 way before they fucked up the Reaper idea, the Reapers were these mysterious creepy dark beings. You barely knew about them, you had a general idea of what they were going for but u mostly didnt understand them. It worked perfectly because of how terrifying they were, the sheer power intensity and hatred they gave off. They did feel like literal devils in sci fi and made themselves as the ultimate villains. In Destiny all we know about the Darkness is that they are evil because they are evil. That is NOT comparable to Sovereign! It's more like the evil phart mist in Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Saying your villain is evil because he is evil is not some magic excuse to be lazy and shame on you if you think you have a right to not even try and waste peoples time.
Furthermore we have even less idea what the Traveller is. None of these questions are answered in the game nor strategy guide:
1. What is the Traveller?
2. Why is it only able to protect one city and not all of Earth?
3. How does it make people live far longer lives?
4. If its so good why did it allow millions of Humans to leave Earth and turn into the Awoken, sounds like a dick move for someone 'super good'
5. Why was there a collapse? The Fallen are clearly more like pirates and mercenaries then an actual super threat race like the Covenant or aliens in Independence Day/ Pacific Rim. The Hive were apparently stopped on the Moon, the Vex never even got close to Earth and were stopped apparently by the Traveller (how did the traveller stop the Vex?) and the Cabal never got close to Earth. Ill explain all this in the enemies section but why was there a collapse? It seems like Humanity only has to deal with occasional Fallen pirates on Earth, that doesn't seem worthy of an entire apocolyptic collapse
6. How is the Traveller able to ressurect people back to life? That seems pretty damn useful, why cant they just do that for every Human to ever die, seems pretty damn useful
7. What makes a Guardian a Guardian? It seems like they are basically Spartans that can get infused with the Traveller's magic bullshit but how does that work? In Halo we actually know how Spartans are created, how are Guardians created? (oh and real creative choosing 'Guardians' after what just came out and yes Guardians of the Galaxy came out as a comic many years before Bungie ever even thought of Destiny. I dont believe in coincadences when Destiny comes out right after Guardians of the Galaxy) I mean how are Guardians created, can any person just say i want to be a guardian. Or is there an actual process determining how someone becomes a Guardian?

The story has a tremendous amount of issues leaving so many plot holes and it leaves u barely caring about whats going on. I mean if a game doesnt explain to you whats going on then u have less reason to be concerned

"I could tell you of the great battle centuries ago, how the Traveller was crippled. I could tell you of the power of the Darkness, its ancient enemy. There are many tales told to frighten children. Lately those tales have stopped. Now, the children are frightened anyway............."
Translation: I will not tell you anything actually important or helpful and instead will only ramble about nothing important. Here is my get out of jail free card, Bungie is not allowing me to tell you anything you need to actually know"


The characters in this game face similar issues to the story but i admit in advance i am far less critical than most people are on this. We know nothing about who the Speaker is other than hes basically Bill Knightly in space wearing a knight helmet, theres basically a robot version of Nyreen Kandros from Mass Effect but now shes called the Stranger, theres an Awoken Queen and her brother but i cant even remember their names if they even have names. Theirs your character but since u have no option to customize your characters background, you know nothing about your own character. Now some have gone against this and been like:
"If i dont know about any of these characters, if i dont know a single thing about any of these characters then what reason do i have to care about them?"
Technically that is all true
However. HOWEVER. For me i can give a HUGE passing grade to this because Peter Dinkleage and the main character play off each other very well and are actually very funny. This isnt like a Shepard Bioware level but it is miles better than Halo Reach Noble Six. Your character gets a considerable amount of dialoge in cut scenes and can be very funny. Also they chose 6 voice actors/ for this actresses 3 different male actors and 3 different female actresses all for the main character for each race and gender. I got to give a lot of respect for that. Remind me how long did it take Bioware to do this? Oh yeah not until Old Republic. So it even took Bioware a long time to do that so i got to pay them a lot of respects for numerous voice actors/ actresses for the main character and very funny dialoge between them and Peter (also Peter does a really great job with what he gets and is one of the best things about the game). However actually knowing ANYTHING about the characters? Yeah thats non existent

"I don't even have time to explain why i don't have time to explain"
Translation: Bungie could not come up with an actual identity to my character so heres my get out of jail free card

Gameplay and Customization

Gameplay works like what would happen if you take Halo and combine it with Borderlands. It uses the Halo combat system from using FPS controls to energy shields as well as facing enemies with energy shields and enemies far weaker and more vulnerable to head shots. While it focusses also largely around games like Borderlands with its customization system: allowing you to change your armors, your weapons, and have your own special abilities. Now the customization is very lacking i wont lie. You may find hundreds of guns in the game but many are repeats of each other so it's not exactly Borderlands level (which is kind of sad they chose to be more lazy with their weapons) and the customization of your character is very bare bones. You get to choose to be either a Human, an Exo (robots designed by Humans to look like Humans and thats all we know about them), or an Awoken (every Human that fled Earth and ended up turning into these immortal permanently young youthful vampire elf like beings for some unknown reason) and with these three races you get a bit of options to customize your character but lets make no mistake.

This isn't exactly TESO or EVE levels of character creation, hell its not even worthy of comparing to Skyrim. Also Bungie isn't even new to this system. Halo Reach had around 30 customization options to your characters and yes Destiny does technically have some more than that cause were changing the look of your character not just your armor but its still very lacking compared to the set standards established by games such as Skyrim and Skyrim has to work with far more races than Destiny has to so whats Bungie's excuse?

but moving along,
Gameplay works perfectly. I admit when your on Earth its very dull (and there is so much wasted potential there. Like seriously why is Russia the only place on Earth we can go to? Out of the entire world they couldn't have added a lot more? I mean why not have a lot more areas to show maybe somewhere in Europe somewhere in Africa somewhere in North America somewhere in Japan or China i mean theres so much potential for them to explore Earth a lot more in their franchise and yet they do none of this)  but luckily things really start to pick up once you get to the Moon and when u eventually go to Venus, i won't lie, the Vex clearly steal the show and really help save this game.

However one of the best things about this game, in my personal opinion, is the melee combat.
If someone were to tell me: Hey Bungie is going to master melee combat in there game called Destiny, i'd call them out on it and say they are full of shit. I mean come on freaking Bungie? They sucked at melee combat and it was a joke, just some guy running into a barrage of bullets or grenades or rockets with the hope of surviving to reach their target but OH MY GOD did they nail it so hard in this game
it's almost like some Dragon Age system combined with Japanese games. Basically you can do this heavy melee attack for more damage or you go all samurai like where u run very fast zipping between enemies cutting apart and decapitating enemies one after another after another after another and this all happening IN SECONDS! You really feel like your this master swordsman or swordswoman as u cut your way through small armies as if they were nothing but drones to you and it is easily the most satisfying thing ever int his game!
The problem is you barely ever get to use it! There's one level where you get a physical sword before it vanishes and the hunter can get a sub class where they take out an energy electric sword for few seconds.
WHY is this the most briefest thing in the game??? The melee combat is EASILY their BEST feature and yet its the least developed. WHY?? What sense does that make?? I know sometimes people hate when u obnoxiously shove something down their throat but u can make an exception for your most loved most popular greatest strength! You want to promote your best feature as much as possible and expand it! Not downplay it!
For instance if it were me? The hunter SHOULD get a melee weapon like a sword or knife that they can use to sprint around cutting people apart very rapidly and if u wantt o make it time based or energy based but 3 to 5 seconds is no where near long enough. The Titan should be able to do something similar with their fists. Make it so the Titans have an option where they can start running around super fast punching the hell out of enemies basically like Spartans from Rvb's Freelancers season, have them pummeling tons of enemies like the hulk or something and warlocks should be able to idk use some kind of power thing w/e it is they do

Multiplayer (including Strikes/ working in teams/ and PVP)…

Mutliplayer may be one of the strangest things in this game. As you noticed in said picture, it's competitive feature does not work at all. In fact i did not realize just how broken the PVP feature is. You see, unlike games like Titanfall, there is a disgustingly high amount of super legendary isnane armor and weapons for those that have been doing nothing but PVP since the game was released. The kind of armor that you know basically makes you invincible except against other players with that armor and weapons that are just instant kill guns except against anyone who also has the best armor with those PVP rewards. So what happens to a new player trying PVP and u already got an entire enemy team of players with super invincible armor and instant kill guns, what happens? Yeah so PVP is super broke and Bungie clearly doesn't give a shit. They know its broke thats why they made that invincible armor and super weapons because its going to get all the children gamers and COD fanboys to keep playing this game no matter what so they dont give a shit how broke it is

but its not all a loss
If melee combat is one of the best things about this game then Strikes/ Raids are the next best thing. OH MY GOD are STrikes are Raids so much fun and so satisfying. Unlike in ME3 where there was no real urgency to work together and thus players could be dicks abandoning their entire team just to whore all the kills and get the highest score, in Destiny NO ONE is doing that. See if someone tries to be a dick to their teams in a raid, they will probably get abandoned and die in several seconds. When you do a strike or raid in Destiny, you have to work with your team mates. Even if you and your team mates never speak to each other, there is a huge dependency on everyone working together. You guys will be reviving each other and coordinating without really talking to each other. For instance in one of my last strikes we had a giant robot bug enemy that bombarded us with these huge canons so we would all flank around it, firing upon it on all sides and occasionally we would run over to ech others positions to reinforce our squad mates when like new waves of drone enemies came to ambush our allies. The only game i have ever played that emphasized team work and cooperation as much as Destiny is maybe Gears of War's Horde mode but apart from that i can't think of any game that has nailed so hard getting a team to work together, really making it so u have to work together and the rewards are well worth it. Sure someone may point out how there are some jackass players in the game. Yes you will get them everywhere but Destiny has a far higher emphasis on working together in public events, raids, and strikes more than most other games


The enemies in this game are divided between the Cabal, the Fallen, the Vex, and the Hive.
The Vex and the Hive are the most generic enemies i have ever seen where the book even points out how there are shades of grey but the Hive are just pure evil that want to wipe out Humanity while the Vex are machines that want to like assimilate every world and turn it into their machine worlds. They are like a combination of Necrons and Cylons with how difficult they are to kill and how they act. However i can excuse these two more than most probably can because ironically they are the most fun to fight against and they are the most challenging. The Hive rushes at you with huge waves of husk like enemies but unlike in ME, these husks will rip you apart and take you out all on their own if u try melee combating them by just using your standard melee. In addition they use a lot of infantry with heavy weapons and wizards which are these flying hovering priest like units that bombard u with dark magic
meanwhile Vex act as the most balless machines i have ever fought in a video game. Even if u blow up their heads, they will rush at u and start rapid firing u as they attempt to instant kill you in close quarters. It's only after you shoot them in the chest and head that you finally kill them. In addition they have sniper like units that deploy shields to defend themselves and huge hulking units basically rapid firing missiles at you. Both have great wonderful designs ontop of being fun and challenging to fight
The Cabal are an organized military intelligent race that honors strength, loves to fight, and apparently blows up worlds that stand in their way and is also in a war with Vex (yet for some reason they didnt just blow up Venus since its the Vex's world cause.. lolz) and you even sort of learn that they are over confident and very precise. For instance at one point you are storming a huge military bunker. They open the doors for u and it seems dark and empty at first but then once you step into the middle, they turn on all the lights and your surrounded by troops on all sides and the fighting starts
See an actual skilled developer would use this moment to have the Cabal insult you and taunt you a lot. A skilled developer would have the Cabal often talking to you, pointing out your failures to make you look worse and make you feel more bad. A bright developer would give u an intelligent enemy, one that you can sympathize with or agree with or just enjoy while also being a worthy challenge to the main character. 343 did this for instance with the Didact. The Cabal would have been so much more interesting if they were like this but no instead they just roar and growl like giant oversized beasts which makes no sense as the game goes far out of its way to show how tactical they are and how advanced they are and that they have an empire and arent just a bunch of slow mindless beasts so it seems contradictory and like Bungie either cant make up its mind or doesn't care

then there's the Fallen and i was saving them for last
I honestly love the Fallen AS A RACE. I think they should be your allies. They basically should because they are just pirates and mercenaries. You end up finding out throughout the game that they have multiple houses and anyone can buy them over and get them to work with them
but facing them is just so eughhhhhhh. Tell me, i will show this video and i want all the Halo fans to tell me what this reminds them of:

You got standard enemies that are super cowardly. They use plasma pistols, constantly run away from you and run to their larger allies or groups of allies to fight you instead of taking you head on. Sound familiar?

You got enemies that sit back and long range you but they are cowardly also, running and hiding if they ever fail or are intimidated by you and rarely trying to engage in melee combat. However they also have versions that run up close to you and are specifically designed to slow u down

then u got enemies that are huge large and wield heavy cannon like guns. Its very difficult to melee kill them as they have heavy shields and can practically instant kill you in melee and they are a lot bigger. They always stand their ground, rarely hiding except against snipers.

Any of these enemies sound familiar?
OH hello Grunts, Jackals, and Elites. I wasnt expecting to see all you guys in a non Halo game =O


This one is a nit pick for me and something i hugely love so up to you how you take it. I personally do not like the sparrow at all since it can't fight. I would gladly trade the ability to boost in a second for having actual damn guns on your vehicle. Luckily we get a vehicle that does that called the Pike which is basically the equivalent of the Halo ghost but oh my god is it so satisfying. Its like if u took a chopper from Halo and gave it rapid fire lightning guns. It is extremely satisfiyng. However unfortunately you cant run over anyone even when u boost, they just are pushed out of the way and u cant summon the Pike. You can only get it on the Moon which is very depressing. Kind of a nit pick for me but i would take summoning a Pike in a heartbeat over the Sparrow and i really love how the Pike was developed. I admit i had a lot of fun using that thing in the beta and on the Moon.


This one probably goes without saying but the soundtrack is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. I mean every single piece fits perfectly. The Cabal's theme is very intimidating and powerful, the Vex's is more creepy and dark as well as the Hive's but the Hive has more of an element of suspense and horror and the actual game theme is just beautiful. Maybe this one is a bit of my own personal quirk but i think the soundtrack is absolutely stunning

Overall the game is a mixed bag. Some things they do get right, they nail it so hard. They get it down perfectly but sadly they don't do much with the things they get down best. Other things they either completely mess up on or they leave you with a gigantic amount of questions so its really a huge mixed bag. It is one of my favorite games but it is at the bottom of the list and in my mind this game caused too much problems that i can't forgive Bungie for it and am done buying their games yet i still hugely enjoy this game so its a very mixed thing. I wouldn't entirely recommend it, maybe its ok to get it for 60 dollars or less.

Unfortunately i could not find the voice actresses for the female character, i could not find a Reef seen with one of them since they are a lot more humerous than the male voice actors but still i hope this helps show some of the positives about Destiny.
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